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My passion for photography dates back to 1996 when I was still in high school. In 1996 I started studying photography, painting and graphics at the Popular Art School, and in 1998 I began studying at the University of Arts and Design (photo-video section) in Cluj-Napoca, from where I graduated in 2003.

Between 2000-2006 I worked as a photographer at the local newspapers Clujeanul, Ziarul Clujeanului and I also began working at the Mediafax Press Agency. I took part in many various events, ranging from press conferences, sport competitions, reports, to national and international conferences.

Between 2006-2010 I worked for the most important glossy magazines at that time, such as: CSID, Maxim, Playboy, TheOne, ProMotor, Descopera, Target, Apropo, Acasa Magazin, Pro TV Magazin, but also for several business magazines including Business Magazin, Money Express, Target, Cariere and Ziarul Financiar. In addition to portraits and studio photo sessions for covers, I also worked for most of their PR events and conferences, some of them comprising hundreds of participants.

From 2010 to 2021 I worked as a photographer for all the television networks within the ProTv consortium (Pro TV, Pro TV International, Pro TV Chisinau, Acasa TV, Pro Arena, Pro Cinema, Acasa Gold, MTV Romania). ProTV is considered to be one of the most important TV stations in Romania, if not the most important one. As the official photographer I was in charge with ensuring the proper photographic work for most of its many shows (Vocea Romaniei, Romanii au talent, Masterchef, Vine Cheful, Visuri la cheie, Sef sub acoperire, Sunt celebru scoate ma de aici!, Ce spun romanii, Jocuri de celebritate, Supravietuitorul, Imperiul Leilor, Pe Bune?!, Ferma Vedetelor), and for most of the original series that were produced by the station (Serviciul Roman de comedie, Las Fierbinti, O saptamana nebuna, Pariu cu viata, Iubire si onoare, Deschide Ochii, Tanti Florica, Ingeri pierduti, La Bloc, O noua viata, Inima de tigan, Lacrimi de iubire, Daria, iubirea mea, Iubire ca-n filme!). As a result I had numerous photo sessions with all the main stars (the photos were used in magazines or online), I covered all press conferences, launches and events organized by the company (most of these events ranging between 500 and 1000 participants).

During this time I continued my work as a freelance photographer collaborating with other companies, taking care of their portfolio and most of their events: Femme boutique medical (gynecological clinic) , Talentivity (one of the most complex Romanian talent management platform), Jovsky Studio (one of the most important beauty salons in Bucharest), Exotique caffe concept (bistro), Yellow Menu (food delivery), Anca Alungulesei, Constantin Entertainment, Travel Comunication, Liberty (the largest integrated steel producer in Romania), NNDKP (one of the largest law firms), Anaid Art Galery, Tipomar (printing and packiging), Lemet (one of the largest furniture firms), Artho Sport Clinic (orthopedic clinic), Northo Clinique (dental clinic), Rare Foods (an important gastronomy service), Fundatia pentru copii Ronald McDonald Romania, Zipper SRL, FPDL, Medicover, Rawcoco, Compania Zurli, Chez Marie Des Bonbons, Maramura Sweets, Jojoba Media, BP Publishing Media, Ivona Nenu Events, Studio Beauty Center, Comic Enterntainment, Doctor Haos, Eliogil, Clubul Sportiv al Pescarilor de Rapitori, Koop Advertising, Tiririri Music, Lingua Transcript, and many, many others.

One of the most important projects that I was a part of took place back in 2022 when I was the main photographer for the feature film Ramon (made after the short movie Romanian Tradition from 2019), and I enjoyed working for 12 hours of filming/day, in many different locations and with a lot of characters. Another important project that I was proudly involved in was another legendary movie, Morometii 3.

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I have a mobile photo studio and I can supply photo sessions in the studio or at small corporate events. My extensive work experience allows me to accommodate your every need and you will most likely be very satisfied with the photographic results of my work (I do not want to toot my own horn, but I promise to make things look even greater than they do in real life).

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